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Important Information - Outlet Audits

ALL customers should be aware that they need to manage the irrigation of their properties so that the general public cannot inadvertently come in to contact with recycled water. 

As part of an ongoing audit process, Willunga Basin Water will ensure correct signage is maintained, taps and fittings are correctly marked (reclaimed water - do not drink), that there are no cross connections with the potable system and that pipework is correctly marked or colour coded. 

These on-farm controls are important protection tools against inadvertent use and form part of the obligations under Willunga Basin Water’s Health Approval. 

Importantly, unless authorised, reclaimed water is only to be used for drip irrigation of grapevines and fruit trees, nut crops and flowers. 

Backwash water must be controlled in the same manner. 

Customers who have outlets locked up behind gates/fencing that are not accessibleto Willunga Basin Water are required to allow access to WBW staff and contractors for maintenance and meter reading under existing contracts. 

This requirement also extends to the need to enter the premises in response to an emergency relating to the reuse system. 

Customers who do not currently provide this access are requested to contact the Willunga Basin Water office to arrange a time for Mike to make an on-site visit to discuss access arrangements.