Manage My Account

Creating and managing your recycled water account with coNEXA Willunga Basin Water is a straightforward process. The following outlines all of the basic information needed to make sure your account is established quickly, plus, there are useful guides for you to read once your account has been created.

Connecting your Service

To connect to the coNEXA Willunga Basin Water network, please contact our customer service team on (08) 8323 7633 to discuss your requirements.

Update your Details

You can update your details by phoning our customer service team on (08) 8323 7633, or by sending an email to notifying us of any changes.

Pay Your Account

coNEXA Willunga Basin Water offers a number of payment options. This information can also be found on the first page of your invoice.

Paying by Electronic Transfer

By making an EFT transfer from your bank using the EFT transfer details shown on your invoice.

Paying by Mail

Detach the payment slip from your account and post it with your cheque or money order to:

coNEXA Willunga Basin Water

PO Box 2045

McLaren Vale SA 5171

Report Faults and Leaks

Water is a scarce resource and we all need to contribute to its preservation. If you see a leak in your community, please let us know. Take a picture and email it to us with the location or call us on (08) 8323 7633.

Every little bit helps.