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How easy is it to transfer from using groundwater to WBW water?

Willunga Basin Water can match the flow produced by your bore pump or drinking water outlet so it can be as easy as re-organising your plumbing. However, you need to make your own assessment of what is required and possibly consult an irrigation specialist.

Can I blend the water with other water?

Yes, but the connection must be designed carefully with an approved backflow prevention device to prevent recycled water from entering into other water systems, especially the drinking water system. All connections with the drinking water system must be registered with the Office of Technical Regulator through your plumber.

Will I need a filter?

Yes, we recommend having a filter and it will be your responsibility to filter the water to a standard appropriate for your on-farm drip irrigation system. Most existing users have the same filters used for other water supplies (e.g. automatic screen, disk filters or sand filters), but adequate on-farm filtration is very important. Willunga Basin Water does filter the water prior to pumping, so filters are much more likely to go for long periods without requiring a flush.

How does the salinity of WBW water compare to other irrigation water options?

The salinity of Willunga Basin Water’s recycled water compares similarly with the average salinity of groundwater in the region.

Can I choose where my outlet will be?

No, the location of the outlet on your property is at the discretion of Willunga Basin Water, but you will be consulted with prior to installation to ensure we can try and have the outlet as close to the desired area as possible.

How many megalitres (ML) of water will I need?

That is a decision you need to make. Consult your records and ask your irrigation contractor or an agricultural advisor about the recommended irrigation per year in your location.

If flow rate is associated with the megalitres that I purchase, what should I take into account when purchasing megalitres?

For each megalitre purchased you will be allowed to draw 0.476 kilolitres (kL) per hour. For example, purchasing 50 ML will allow you to draw 23.8kL per hour. The specific flow rate you need will depend on the set-up of your irrigation system including the number of irrigation zones, number of drippers per zone, and the number of irrigation zones you need to operate at one time. There are a number of irrigation specialists that can assist in determining this for you.

If you need more flow rate than comes with your water allocation, you can purchase a higher water allocation or purchase “additional flow rate.” If you want to discuss these options further please contact Willunga Basin Water on (08) 8323 7633 or

Can I use the water 24 hours per day?

No, you can use the water 18 hours in any 24 hour period, which means you could irrigate for 36 hours straight over a two day period.

Do I need a pump and power?

The recycled water is supplied at a pressure that will suit most on-farm drip irrigation systems, so in most cases, you will not need to re-pump the water. When we discuss a new connection with you we will advise if we think you will require additional pumping.