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They plan to do this by providing greater financial and water supply security to irrigators through the renewable resource, and further reducing the impact of the discharge of wastewater to the environment. Additionally, these benefits further support the McLaren Vale Wine Region’s elevated focus on sustainable and environmentally conscious vineyard practices.

Does recycled water affect the wine being produced from the irrigated grapes?

Willunga Basin Water has been distributing recycled water to grape growers in the Southern Vales region since 1999. Several independent research studies have proven that the use of recycled water has no discernible effect on wine produced from these vineyards, and McLaren Vale’s wine popularity has only grown in that time.

Do wineries want to promote that they use recycled water on their grapes?

Many wineries promote the use of recycled water as part of their sustainability reporting which is an increasingly important and valued marketing aspect for wineries in the national and international market where renewable resources are looked at very favourably.

Some growers using recycled water are also Certified Organic wine or grape producers, which is another sought-after selling point in the current day.

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